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Have it your way

Looking for something that you can`t find in the regular music store?
Most of the guitars are made to order, and you can spec your custom NWS guitar just how you want it. You can also have a look at our webshop to find guitars that are ready and available either directly from us or through one of our dealers.

We are looking forward to hearing about your custom project.

How it works

Getting the NWS guitar of your dreams into your hands is not as complicated as you may think.

You start by describing to us the guitar you want either by email, phone or best of all over a cup of coffee at the workshop. Then we will give you an estimated price based on this first description.
To make sure that you get a real custom built instrument we want to involve you in every step of the process, and experience tells us that there is normally a couple of rounds back and forth before we have all the details.
Once we have all the details, we will give you a final price and an estimated delivery time.

You have a surprising amount of options in this process, but we will guide you safely through every step of the way.
Some decitions may have to be made along the way. Since it is extremely important to us that you are happy with the end product, we will stay in contact with you throughout the building process. This way we can make sure you get an uniqe signature guitar that you will enjoy playing for years.

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Since no instruments are built identical, prices will vary according to your specifications.
When shipping to countries other than Norway, the 25% Norwegian VAT does not apply. However, you must expect that VAT according to the rates in the destination country will be charged when the instrument is recieved.

  • Electrics: From NOK 30.000,- (NOK 24.000,- excl. VAT.)
  • Semi Hollow: From NOK 45.000,- (NOK 36.000,- excl. VAT.)
  • Acoustics: From NOK 45.000,- (NOK 36.000,- excl. VAT.)
  • Bass: From NOK 30.000,- (NOK 24.000,- excl. VAT.)
  • Archtop (carved top and back): From NOK 55.000, – (NOK 44.000,- excl. VAT.)
  • Other instruments: On request.

Check the prices in your currency here.

Contact us for a quote on your dream guitar!

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The prices includes planning, parts, materials and construction. We also include free service and maintenance for the first 2 years after the acquisition of the instrument. Any shipping costs must be covered by the customer.

Unless otherwise agreed, half the purchase price is payed as a deposit when the order is placed, and the remainder upon delivery of the instrument. The deposit goes to cover the procurement of materials and parts.

If the order is canceled or other similar circumstances, all or part of the deposit can be retained by the service provider if the provider has suffered financial loss as a result of the cancelation (Craftsman act § 39 and § 40).
If the instrument is sold to another customer at full price, the deposit may be returned in full minus any additional costs of selling the instrument.
In consultation with the customer, the price may be adjusted if the order is changed along the way or if there are unforeseen circumstances outside our control, such as changes in prices for parts and materials.

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Ø. Husemoen Guitars warranty

It is important to us that all of our instruments perform at their very best at any point.
In the unlikely event of something happening with your instrument we will do our very best to make it right.
It is given a lifetime warranty against defects in material or workmanship to the original customer. Otherwise followed forth in applicable laws and regulations.
On individual components (eg. tuners, bridge, electric components, etc.) supplied by subcontractors, warranty from the respective manufacturer is valid.

This warranty does not cover:

  • Normal wear or damage caused by careless use.
  • Damage caused by unauthorized repairs.
  • If the instrument has been subjected to abnormal climate such as too high or too low humidity or temperature. It is assumed that the instrument will not be stored in direct sunlight, in cars or by a fireplace / stove or other heat source.  (Learn more in the Maintenance section.)
  • Any shipping costs associated with repairs and service.