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Neck and Fretboard set, Flame Birch

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  • Extremely nice flamed birch neck with matching fretboard.

    Approximate measurements:
    Length:  675 mm
    Width:  90 mm
    Thickness:  Neck 21 mm, Fretboard 6 mm
    Suitable for:  Neck / Fretboard

    About birch:
    The birch is a warm and sweet sounding wood that is widely used in the Norwegian Wood Series guitars. As it can be a bit heavy when used as a solidbody we normally use it in combination with other materials to sweeten both the looks and sound.
    Uses:  Tops, Necks, fretboards, Back & sides for acoustics

    We have never had any problems with our birch necks, but in general you should be aware that you can`t be a 100% sure of the strength and stability of necks made from different kind of flamed woods.
    To be sure we recomend reinforcing your flamed neck with carbon fiber.