Norwegian Tonewoods

Every piece of wood is unique and you will never find 2 pieces that sound, weigh or look exactly the same.
However, all the different species of Norwegian wood have different qualities and tonal characteristics that you can learn more about here.

So, what`s the deal with these Norwegian Woods anyway?!
Seeing the forest behind the trees
We have had great experiences using different Norwegian tonewoods for a variety of custom projects. Our goal with the Norwegian Wood Series was to develop this further and to learn more about what distinctive tones we could find within our own domestic woods. We selected 8 different woods for our first series; Ash, elm, birch, alder, aspen, basswood, walnut and cherry. For comparison, we also made one out of mahogany. To really be able to compare the tone in the different woods all 8 guitars in the first series were built as similar as possible with the same necks and pickups.

We thought that some of the woods would stick out soundwise as superior and that maybe others would turn out to be less fit for guitarbuilding. However, what this test showed us was a diversity of sound that few had imagined. It is really not necessarily a question of good or bad sound but rather a question of what kind of sound you are after. After hours of testing and demonstration among experienced guitarists it turns out that all the woods has its own specific qualities that are perfered just as often as the others. We also used more well known woods like alder and basswood. Even though we knew these woods would sound good it turns out that the other woods are perfered just as often when people get the opportunity to compare the guitars up against each other. This only shows that the way we experience sound is highly individual and that the choice of wood is a very important part of creating your own tone.

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Research project with NTNU

Capturing the sound in the name of science

In cooperation with NTNU (Norwegian university of science and technology) we have been doing a resarch project where we capture the sound of the different Norwegian woods.
The purpose of this project is to visualise and compare the sound of the woods both to each other and to other traditional woods.

This is about as geeky as it gets, and for those of you who are into this nerdy stuff we will translate and publish the report during the next couple of months.
Meanwhile you can get a teaser here..

Stay tuned for more info!